Islania: How do they dress on the island?


You may ask us – will the game be enjoyable only for men, or for women too? We’ll answer that it will be enjoyable for everyone! Check out these fancy new outfits for charming female chars and it’s only the beginning!




Islania: Weapons. Machine guns

AKM_render mini

And that’s how the game machine gun has been developed and now how it looks. You can use it to protect your island and conquer new lands. And further a do, in the nearest future we’re about to show some fancy outfits for the chars, which can make them look cool and also introduce you to the first game chars. Stay tuned!


Islania: About weapons. Guns


This is how the classical handgun will look in the game. Our work on the weaponary continues.


Islania: About the weapons.


We started creating weaponary for players’ characters, who joined the army and have gotten a license to carry weapons, which can protect peace of Islania’s citizens, especially the female population. This is a knife sample. The next step – handguns, machine guns, and something that can increase your power for good…



Islania: About the hotel

gen plan 1

Despite the fact that Islania is not a big island it is necessary that the characters have a place to live. This is why we decided to build a luxurious 5-star hotel for them. Very soon, you will see the hotel in all its splendor. We keep on working hard on the architecture and models of buildings as well as on the terrain itself. By the way, the game will be developed on Unreal Engine 4.


Islania: About the island


Islania is a small, cozy tropical island hidden away in the World Ocean. A place for dreams and perfect leisure.
The island is habited by male and female characters, which are monitored by the players. What do they do there?
They meet each other, find new friends and enjoy their time while shopping or dancing. Sometimes they start close relationships and, of course, with their weapons ready they defend their island from enemies that keep on trying to take it over. Islania is a simple and captivating network game with MMO elements and action that will maintain everybody very interested and dive them into the story. For players older than 18 years old.



Islania: Welcome to the world of Sun!


Hi Guys! Today the official blog of Islania game is finally launched! Here, in our blog, we will be revealing all the stages of  our project development, making you involved in all of the stages of game creation. The blog is available in 8 different languages – English, Русский, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português, Nederlands. The blog notes will be autoposted in English straight to our social media accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and in Russian to